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"Why should I choose you?"

I pride myself on going above and beyond for my clients, and being more than just a photographer for you throughout this process. Despite my over ten years of experience in photography, I know that ultimately it’s my passion and drive that sets me and my work apart. I truly treat every wedding, event, and photoshoot like it’s my favorite of all time, and dedicate myself to giving you the best experience possible. I also pride myself on having a turnaround time quicker than the industry standard, as well as providing you with as many photos as I can. I know how exciting it can be and at times how impatient we can feel to see all of the photos, so I will always do my best to swiftly give you a beautiful and full gallery, and will never harbor gorgeous photos of yours. Choosing the right photographer can be a big investment to make, and I am confident that choosing me will provide a not just with photos, but an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime. I’m here, not just providing service but I’m to tell artfully capture and tell a story — your unique story.

What's your background & experience in photography?

It ages me to say it, but I have over ten years of experience in photography! Unlike most people who start photography by capturing portraits or still life, I actually did the entire opposite. I got my start in live music, stage, and concert photography which though challenging, was such an amazing experience that I wouldn’t trade the world for! I truly feel that the unique and constantly in motion nature of it has given me an edge on really freezing passing moments and movements in time, and has shaped so much of my current photography style in creating a luxurious timeless, cinematic, and documentary style gallery for you.

Do you do videography?

I put my 110% into my photography to make sure every moment of your day is photographed, so unfortunately I do not offer videography services as to not split my attention! I can, however, recommend a videographer that I frequently work with and love if that is something that you're interested in.

Do you do destination weddings?

While I am currently based in Chicago & Milwaukee, I am willing to travel! If you choose to book me for your wedding events, we would simply add the calculated cost of travel and accomodations! You've already got enough on your plate with thinking about your events, so to avoid adding one more thing onto it, I take the initiative in calculating the total cost of travel and add that onto your package prior to booking.

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